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Kevin B. Santiago, M.A.

Senior Pastor, Peace Community Church

Join us as we engage our community with the love of Jesus

"My heart for our church is for us to lovingly engage our city with the hope of Jesus. A part of that means living in community with each other as disciples, recognizing our constant need to grow in our faith and character, and having eyes open to meeting needs both inside and outside of the church. While we take God and his kingdom seriously, we recognize that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. Life is full of opportunities to love, laugh, explore, and to have adventures.


Come be a part of ours!"

About Pastor Kevin

I was born in South Florida where I spent my childhood enjoying the beach and warm weather. Although my family raised me in church, it wasn’t until the age of 15 that I became a follower of Jesus. What started off as a powerful conversion experience soon turned into doubts over my newfound faith. Through the wisdom of my grandfather, I came to realize the importance of working out my doubts and pursuing truth—wherever it may lead me. This sparked a desire to learn how to give reasons for my faith as well as help others understand the beauty of God and the truth of the Gospel.


As this desire to help others in their faith grew, God offered me the opportunity to work at some of the nation’s leading churches and para-church organizations as a pastor, writer, editor, and mission’s director, among other things. Through God’s grace my responsibilities increased, but as my influence increased, so did my need for strong theological education. I graduated from Denver Seminary in 2016 with a Master’s degree in Apologetics and Ethics. There I also served as a teaching fellow for the Gordon Lewis Center of Christian Thought responsible for teaching community classes on how to engage our culture as Christians. I also received the Gordon Lewis award for Academic excellence in the field of philosophy of religion. 


People need hope, and there is no greater hope than what is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This good news is meant to be shared. And while this is my life's work, I thank God for the gift of being a husband and father. My wife, MaCayla, and sons, Theodore and Everett, are my greatest treasures in life. And it is our goal as a family to grow as disciples of Jesus alongside those in our church. We would be honored for you to join us in this great privilege of building God’s kingdom here on earth.


I would love to hear from you. Email me directly HERE




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